Naltrexone User Reviews

Recreational use of hard drugs, such as heroin and morphine cause the bad withdrawal and it is absolutely illegal to use these drugs as well. But with Naltrexone it is possible to get rid of addiction from using alcohol and narcotic pills. Otherwise, there are no side effects as serious as they could be.


I drink Naltrexone tablets during the whole year. Rip off twice because of this had to start all over again. I can say one thing: Revia (Naltrexone) is not bad, but it does not work alone. I am frustrated by the fact that he did not hurt, then wanted to quit drinking. Now there have been some changes in my life, I need to be sober. So take Naltrexone pills to get rid of alcohol addiction.


Among my side effects from using Revia (Naltrexone) are hunger, sleep disturbances, fatigue and dryness of mouth. In connection with citalopram Revia or Naltrexone pills come along with to circulatory disturbances, extreme dizziness, sweating, panic attacks.


Naltrexone is a milestone in medicine for me! Over 15 years I consumed drugs of all kinds to treat my addiction. Everything possible I’ve tried to get away from it. With REVIA I coped the best way with addiction, it definitely takes on the addiction center! My experience includes two reports of side effects! When I first took the drug, I kept taking morphine (the day before Revia (Naltrexone)). This was the turning point of my addiction had a lot of withdrawals, but what happened to me after taking Revia pills.


Revia (Naltrexone) gets about half a year ago and it had sold two weeks ago. I get it (but a side effect of an SSRI was quite unpleasant) because of the SV-addiction pressure and extremely realistic nightmares. So far I had no side effects noted.


My wife drinks, we treated with Naltrexone pills. All the while she was complaining about feeling nauseous, constantly asleep, wakes up at night and yells crazy things, does not eat much, lost weight badly. In general, she refused to drink alcohol as well but with serious problems. Do not know what to do next but Revia wasn’t quite effective for her.


I take Revia within 2.5 years. I bought it online without any interference. Besides problems with sleep I haven’t watch any other side effects. I highly recommend Naltrexone pills to everyone who have problems with heroin addiction.